Our history

Even as a child, I was fascinated by beautiful England and its natural landscapes. My grandmother Margarete showed me Winston Churchill's birthplace, Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, and I was enchanted and infected with the England virus. Nowadays the experience is comparable to visiting Harry Potter's Observatory and probably just as impactful. As an avid reader of crime novels, Sherlock Homes and his Baker Street in London caused great fascination. I saw Miss Marple in Paddington and of course Cornwall and loved the fine English style of James Bond. Beautiful green landscapes, the country living style cottages and the friendliness of the people sparked a great love for all things Anglophile. Many trips could not quench this thirst.

By a coincidence that I don't really believe in, I ended up in America and traveled to many beautiful states with my family. New England in particular fascinated me, but the other regions of America also sparked an even greater longing and love for the country on the other side of the Atlantic. 

In 2004 I founded American Heritage in Augsburg and imported the first rocking chairs and lifestyle products from the land of unlimited possibilities. In our search for the finest gourmet products and delicatessen from American manufacturers, we found what we were looking for and expanded the successful range. Long-time customers have long known our history and are delighted with the extraordinary products from the Fancy Food Show, with many award-winning products. Even today we are constantly on the lookout for the delicacies of American cuisine.

Nevertheless, Canada, England, Ireland and actually Australia are still on the travel list and so it is probably not surprising that we want to include these areas of the world in our range. The name American Heritage no longer accurately reflects our offering, so we now include the expanded range from English-speaking countries RYAN'S Specialties offer. And RYAN's is now run by the family, as the next generation strongly supports the journey that began in 2004.

Importing has now become so time-consuming and complex due to customs regulations, veterinary offices and food monitoring that it can no longer be carried out without know-how and specialist knowledge. It is precisely this knowledge and experience that we have developed and see ourselves as a special importer of the most beautiful and high-quality products. It is with great pleasure that we make these available to the best delicatessen and lifestyle stores in Europe. As our dealer, you can also offer your end customers a beautiful and successful range from our Augsburg warehouse. The many bestsellers such as Habanero Mango Aioli, Maple Chipotle and Country Ketchup from Stonewall Kitchen or what is probably the purest maple syrup in the world are very popular with you. 

Many thanks to our retailers for the journey together with products from the world of James and Harry, but also legends like George and Cate - representing interesting and exciting cultures. We look forward to further new adventures with the best retailers in Europe and great delicatessen and lifestyle products.

Thank you,
Sabine Ryan for RYAN'S
Sabine and Charlotte Ryan
The Ryan's