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American Heritage has been the specialist importer of American premium brands since 2004 and offers a wide range and an extensive product portfolio from the lifestyle and food sectors. We are your contact if you need to high quality products from brands such as Stonewall Kitchen, Rufus Teague, Kringle Candle, Country Candle, Horseshoe Brand, Crown Maple & Co.

You want to know how to do yours Sales volume with our imported products increase or which brands do we still have available for you in wholesale? Then please contact us at info@ryan-s.eu. Below you will find a selection of the most popular brands.

Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen, founded in 1991, began as a stand selling homemade jams and sauces at a farmers market in New Hampshire. The company experienced tremendous growth, won multiple awards, and is now headquartered in Maine. Today, Stonewall Kitchen sells its wide range of products, including chutneys, sauces, aioli, maple syrup, jams, baking mixes, spices and much more, in over 42 countries worldwide.

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Rufus Teague

The legendary BBQ sauce from Rufus Teague from Kansas City, bottled in signature whiskey bottles, has already received several awards for its authentic taste. Rufus Teague attaches great importance to natural ingredients and, in addition to award-winning sauces, also offers a selection of BBQ spices (rubs) that are ideal for refining beef, pork, chicken and fish.

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Crown Maple

Crown Maple was founded in New York's Hudson Valley in 2010. Due to the patented manufacturing process, Crown Maple maple syrup is considered to be the highest quality and purest in the world. Thanks to its different flavors, the syrup not only goes well with pancakes but is also ideal for refining dishes. The taste of maple syrup is so convincing that it is used in numerous New York star restaurants.

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Horseshoe Brand

Horseshoe Brand makes flavorful barbecue and seasoning sauces from fresh and natural ingredients in the heart of New York's Hudson Valley. With different levels of spiciness from mild to fiery hot, customers' taste preferences are covered. Only high-quality chilies are used to give the sauces their distinctive taste. Horseshoe Brand's fiery sauces are a must for grill & BBQ fans and are also suitable as a gift.

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Kringle Candle

Kringle Candle was launched in 2009 by Mick Kittredge, the son of Yankee Candle founder. The scented candles from Kringle Candle impress with their elegant, all-white design that can be easily integrated into any interior. By using two wicks, the candles burn evenly and the elaborate manufacturing process ensures an authentic scent experience.

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Country Candle

Eight years after founding Kringle Candle, Mick Kittredge launched Country Candle in 2017. Using a complex manufacturing process, the colored Country Candles offer a wide range of authentic and high quality scents for every season and every occasion, including popular limited editions. From sweet, fruity and fresh to male-tart, cinnamon or floral - everyone will find their favorite scent at Country Candle.

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Guittard Chocolate Company

Guittard's delicious chocolate chips have been part of our range for a long time due to their high-quality ingredients, excellent taste and exceptional quality. The Guittard Chocolate Company, with 145 years of experience and five generations of expertise, impresses chocolate lovers worldwide with delicate chocolate chips and various flavors that are perfect for baking cakes, muffins and chocolate cookies.

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Joe & Seph's

Joe was inspired by his visits to the USA and brought the idea of ​​delicious gourmet popcorn to England. In London, he and his pastry chefs create handmade gourmet popcorn with irresistible flavors based on high-quality and natural ingredients. Thanks to the patented "flavor sequencing" process, the flavors develop as you chew, while the crunchy caramel ensures the perfect bite. Imported from England.

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Hawkens Gingerbread

The Hawkens Gingerbread company specializes in the production of delicious ginger biscuits. The products are of high quality and offer an authentic taste experience. From traditional ginger cookies to chocolate orange gingerbread men, Hawkens offers a diverse selection of treats for all pastry lovers. Hawkens Gingerbread cookies are made with great care and passion and delight customers worldwide.

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The Lismore Food Company

The Lismore Food Company is a renowned company specializing in handmade biscuits, shortbreads and crackers. The products are characterized by exquisite quality and unique taste, achieved through carefully selected ingredients and artisan production. The company has achieved an international reputation and offers a diverse range of delicacies that are appreciated both in Ireland and worldwide.

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